Our txakoli is prepared with native grapes, sunlight, caress and the Cantabrian sea breeze.

Txakoli is an special and notable wine which preserves its traditional role.

Txakoli is a wine with personality, a wine with tradition for centuries around the Basque coast. The wine is made from two kinds of native grapes called, «hondarribi zuri» grape, which derives in the white txakoli; and «hondarribi beltza» grape, which derives in the red txakoli.

At the beginning, the txakoli was produced in local farms, it was consumed locally and it was used as an exchange between neighbours.This wine has retained its traditional characteristics, since its production has continued in the hands of small holders who cultivate it with artisan devotion and love.

The Txakoli production takes place near the coast, in southeast slopes, an area with more sunlight and protected from the sea winds, in a maximun altitude of 100 meters over the sea level.

It is the perfect accompaniment for all kinds of fish, seafood and appetizer. We recommend serving it fresh and it is common to break in the glass, so that it get rid of the carbonic and all its variety of aroma which it is characteristic of.

Nowadays, Euskadi has obatined three designations of origin: Getariako Txakolina (belong to the area of Getaria, Zarautz and Aia), Bizkaiko Txakolina (belong to the entire Bizkaia province, with greater presence on the coast) and Arabako Txakolina (belong to the Ayala Valley area).