Olatu Txakoli

The Txakoli Olatu, which designation of origin is «Getariako Txakolina», is manufactured with a native white grape variety: hondarribi zuri.

The vineyards where the grapes are grown for making this txakoli cover an area of 15,7 hectares. The cultivation is carried out in the traditional way, taking care of the development of the grape. Furthermore, all our vineyards are facing the Cantrabian sea and softly caressed by its breeze.

Txakoli Olatu is a label from Bodega Akarregi Txiki, a small winery that combines traditional and contemporary wine-making techniques, growing vines with passion for more than 45 years. Oenological tradition and cutting-edge techniques are combined to produce 150,000 litres of Txakoli Olatu.

A wine with its own personality that offers a universe of flavors, aromas and sensations. Very personal and distinguished wine, which it is served fresh and also breaks in the glass when it is served , so that the wine detached its carbon needles obtained in the production process.